Pensioners Advocate for Improved Healthcare

Approximately 150 women squeezed inside NGO Vita Jeta’s office to hear a lecture on osteoporosis on 27 May.

“Osteoporosis is a progressive bone disease that is characterized by a decrease in bone mass and density, which can lead to an increased risk of fracture,” said Ajshe Nuhiu, Executive Director of Vita Jeta. “It’s important for all women to have information about this disease. We also are planning to bring a device next week to examine whether women are suffering from this disease.”
The Vita Jeta office was full of women curious to learn more about this disease.
“We received such valuable information that we didn’t know. The doctor was very clear,” a participant said.
Vita Jeta aims to assist as many women as possible in identifying whether they suffer from osteoporosis and to ensure treatment for them. Since most of this association’s 1,000-some members are pensioners, they are at risk of this disease. Few can afford regular checkups that will enable them to detect it early on.
Considering this issue, Vita Jeta has initiated a petition requesting that the Ministry of Health provide free medical exams to diagnose potential cases of osteoporosis, that the Law on Health Insurance be implemented in the future and that the law for pensioners be approved. More than 60 women signed this petition during the lecture. In this way, Vita Jeta is seeking to involve more women in expressing their needs and demanding their rights.
Vita Jeta has received support for this work from the Kosova Women’s Fund, supported by Kvinna till Kvinna.