Serb and Roma Women in the Municipality of Vushtrri Discuss their Health Rights

 On 21 July, "Luna" organized a training in the village of Prelluzhë within the scope of the project “Healthy Woman – Healthy Society”. This training was attended by 15 women from villages Prelluzhë, Grace and Plemetin, the representative of the organization “Luna”, Doctor Zekije Shala, representatives of organizations "Open Door" and "Ruka Ruci", as well as representative of Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN). 
        The purpose of the project is advocacy at the Ministry of Health and local health institutions in the municipality of Vushtrri / Vucitrn for providing gynaecological health services for Serb and Roma women from Vushtrri / Vucitrn Municipality, respectively from villages Prelluzhë, Grace and Plemetin. Through this project the organization “Luna” intends to raise awareness of women on their health rights through the provision of training on breast self-examination, prevention of breast and cervical cancer and on assistance techniques and support of women affected by these diseases. 
        “Raising women’s awareness on these diseases and the importance of regular check-ups is the first step and the only way for women to be informed and understand the importance of advocacy at institutions to start providing gynaecological services to the Family Medicine Centres of these Villages”, said Ms. Stanica Kovacevic, the representative of the organization “Luna”. She also stressed that apart from the lack of specialist doctors for these diseases, women in these villages face the problem of transport and free movement, which hinders their access to health services. “In addition to advocating for the provision of health services, we will also advocate to officials in the municipality of Vushtrri for arranging a transport line, which will pass through these villages”, added Ms. Stanica. 
          In addition to the regular training on topics such as breast self-examination, breast and cervical cancer prevention, and techniques for assisting and supporting women affected by these diseases, Dr. Zekije Shala also offered the participants the opportunity to consult on their health problems, by advising them depending on their case and need. 
          The participants expressed gratitude for this project and being satisfied with the knowledge acquired from the training, thanked the organization “Luna” as well as the doctor for providing advice and consultations on these diseases. One woman said “I will inform all women who I know have such health problems to come to the next training and consultations. As we do not have any specialist for these diseases near our village, visits of Dr. Zekije are very important for us”. 
         The implementation of this project is supported by the Kosovo Women’s Fund (FGK) and is funded by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA).