Sevdije Ahmeti’s Book “The Journal of a Kosovar Woman” Launched

Kosovo’s National Library “Pjetër Bogdani” on June 7 was the meeting place of many people gathered in the launching of the book “The Journal of a Kosovar Woman” (February 1998-March 1999)- by activist Sevdije Ahmeti (1944-2016). 

“Buzuku” publishing house promoted this book as part of the 20th anniversary of NATO’s intervention in Kosovo, whilst incomes of this book will be donated for the education of Kosovar girls.

Naxhije Buçinca, activist, also the winner of the KWN’s award “Sevdije Ahmeti”, said that the contribution of Ahmeti was extraordinary.

“I thank the Kosovo Women’s Network for taking the courage to establish “Sevdije Ahmeti” award, there are not enough words to describe her work. Sevdija worked hard for Kosovo, she loved Kosovo very much”, stated Buçinca.

Likewise, Former President Atifete Jahjaga highly appreciated Ahmeti’s contribution, adding that she was an ally for the rights of sexual violence survivors. 

“I remember Sevdije as a brave, vocal, uncompromising woman when it came to women’s rights. My memory of Sedije is as a powerful ally in our battle for legal recognition and justice for wartime sexual violence survivors in Kosovo”, Jahjaga said, adding this book should serve for keeping alive the memory of Ahmeti’s works. 

Ahmeti’s contribution and work, by French writer, Juan Asensio, assessed as a form of resistance. 

“Sevdija did not give up, instead she proved the horrors that have occurred in front of her eyes”, said the French critic Asensio.  

The son of the late Ahmeti, Urim Ahmeti, said that his mother belongs to a generation that cultivated culture, sacrificed and also built the spirit of respect. 

“After returning from village visits, until the late night she wrote these stories daily. Villages, or wherever she has been during these toughest days. I recall myself waking up from sleep and founding her writing in front of the computer. This is a voluminous work that she has done and this work spread all over the world,” he said.  

Violin melodies accompanied the launching of this book, while poems about Ahmeti recited Safete Rogova, Shukrije Gashi, and Sheqerie Buçaj.

We recall that Sevdije Ahmeti was among the first women’s rights activists in Kosovo, a movement that began in the ‘90s vis-à-vis the demand for freedom and independence. 

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