SHMAKS’ Advocacy Work on Institutional Support to Strengthen the Role of Midwives in Kosovo

On September 9, Magbule Elezi, President of the Kosovo Midwives Association (SHMAKS), member organization of Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN), met with the Minister of Health to discuss the importance of including the role and interests of Kosovo midwives in the Health Act.

SHMAKS has advocated for institutional support to strengthen the role of midwives in Kosovo in the past thanks to the support received from the Kosovo Women’s Fund (KWF).

“Promoting maternal and child health through strengthening the role of midwifery”, is the initiative of SHMAKS, which was implemented in order to increase awareness of the tireless work of midwives.

“Over 930 midwives in Kosovo do not enjoy a special status compared to other health professionals and their role is not defined at all levels of health services.” said Elezi.

“Strengthening the role of midwives in Kosovo and re-functionalizing maternity hospitals in Kosovo are our two ongoing requests to policy makers and the health committee in the Kosovo Parliament.” she added.

During this period of implementation of activities, SHMAKS drafted requests to address to the Ministry of Health to organize working group regarding the drafting of the profession, role, responsibilities and duties of midwife. SHMAKS also held meetings with women and girls in Kaçanik, Podujeva and Istog, with groups of 7-10 participants, in order to provide advice and information relevant to their health.

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