Students from the University of Vienna meet with KWN

During the month of May, students from the Department of Political Sciences at the University of Vienna, on the subject of State Building in the Suburbs of Europe, conducted a study visit to Kosovo and Albania. In the framework of this visit, on 17 May the students also met with Igballe Rogova, Executive Director of the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) at the Ethnological Museum in Prishtina.
     They showed interest in learning more about the experiences of women’s rights activists in Kosovo, recent developments, human rights challenges, peace and security, as well as obstacles and opportunities in the future.

      Ms. Rogova initially spoke about activism during the 1990s in Kosovo, for the ‘Sisters Qiriazi’ Association, as well as for the war period in Kosovo, when this association did not cease at all its activity to help Kosovars who were placed in camps as refugees. Attendees also had the opportunity to be informed about the history of the women’s movement in Kosovo, how the first women’s rights organizations in Kosovo were founded, and the history and work of KWN since its founding in 2000 as an informal network. Among other things Rogova also mentioned investigative reports on gender-based violence and sexual harassment in Kosovo; Establishment of the Council for Survivors of Sexual Violence in Kosovo; As well as for initiatives and researches with regard to the monitoring of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 in Kosovo, Resolution on Women, Peace and Security.

By expressing their gratitude for the meeting, the students said that this was one of the best, most informative visits they had during their stay in Kosovo.