The KWN and KJC launch cooperation in monitoring Gender-Based Violence and Gender-Based Discrimination at Work

Today, on July 27, at the request of the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) a meeting was held between the KWN and the Kosovo Judicial Council (KJC). KWN Representatives, Executive Director Igballe Rogova, Advocacy Coordinator on Combating Gender-Based Violence Adelina Berisha, and Coordinator of the Project Against Gender-Based Discrimination at Work Iliriana Banjska, were welcomed by the Kosovo Judicial Council Chair Nehat Idrizi.
During this meeting, Ms. Rogova informed the KJC Chair on the work done by the KWC, since its inception, in combating gender-based violence and gender-based discrimination at work, stressing these phenomena as the primary goal of this important cooperation process.
Meanwhile, Mr. Idrizi stressed that “In the past, cooperation with civil society in the monitoring of the judiciary has resulted in the improvement of the performance of judges, and even in this case the results will undoubtedly be high.” He also emphasized that gender-based violence and other forms of gender-based discrimination must be fought and that only with a proper cooperation with civil society can we establish a society that accomplishes and promotes gender equality and fights the injustices that can arise as a result of gender inequality.