Women Support Peace-building in South East Europe

On 19 April, at the “Summit of Women for Sustainable Peace in South East Europe,” the Regional Women’s Lobby for Peace and Security in South East Europe, including women politicians and civil society representatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, and Kosova, met in Vienna. During the meeting, they discussed the political situation in their countries and how women could influence peaceful solutions to political conflicts in the region. Participants created a strategy for 2007. The summit concluded with a statement written by the Regional Women’s Lobby, which they sent to the United Nations Security Council. The declaration stated:

The Lobby expresses its grateful support to Ahtisaari’s proposal on the future status of Kosovo; the Lobby encourages the Security Council to guarantee that the new resolution on Kosovo recognizes the right to human security for all women and men as the foundation for sustainable peace in Kosovo and the region; the Lobby welcomes the higher standards set by Mr. Ahtisaari’s proposal on the protection of the rights of all ethnic and religious communities and their full integration in Kosovar society, and; the Women’s Regional Lobby recognizes the right of displaced citizens to return to Kosovo, and that the Government of Kosovo should support their integration.

KWN took the responsibility for organizing the logistics and proceedings of the Regional Women’s Lobby meeting, with financial support from UNDEF and UNIFEM.