EU Election Observation Mission Report Mentions KWN’s Campaign 

The final report of EU Election Observation Mission to Kosovo (EU EOM) on the early legislative elections held on 6 Oct. 2019 has been received by representatives of civil society organizations and other institutions. 

This report, in a section dedicated to women’s participation in elections, mentions the work carried out by KWN to increase women’s participation in politics through the “Vote for More Women in Parliament” door-to-door campaign, held for five days (25-29 Sept.).  

Among the others, Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) Executive Director Igballe Rogova was also present at the 22 Jan. meeting with Viola von Cramon-Taubadel, Chief Observer of the EU EOM in Kosovo and a German member of European Parliament (PE). 

The full report in English is accessible HEREand KWN’s campaign is mentioned on page 33.  

Concerning women’s participation in elections, EU EOM has issued the two following recommendations:  

  • Political parties to consider adopting internal policies to promote women’s participation and integrate gender issues into party platforms. To increase public funding for parties that promote gender equality.  
  • The Central Election Commission (CEC) to increase women participation at all levels of the electoral administration. 

In total this report consists of 23 recommendations on how to improve future electoral processes. 

In conclusion we recall that few days before the election took place, Cramon-Taubadel was introduced to this campaign during a joint-meeting with Rogova on Oct. 

                             Read HERE more regarding this campaign.  

The EU EOM in Kosovo operates independently under itsown specific mandates.   

Note that supporting women’s participation in politics and decision-making is part of the KWN Strategy 2019-2022.