Kosovo Women’s Fund Grants Available

On 15 Feb. 2013, KWNannounced the opening of the Kosovo Women’s Fund’s second grant round. KWN has invited its member organizations to submit applications that will contribute to realizing the Strategic Goals identified by KWN members in the KWN Strategic Plan for 2012-2014.

This grant round has received funding fromthe Austrian Development Agency (ADA) with additional support from Kvinna till Kvinna (KtK).

The deadline for submitting applications is 15 Mar. 2013. KWN will announce grant recipients by 15 Apr. 2013.The maximum grant award possible is €3,000, and KWN expects to provide up to €20,000 in grants this round. The duration of projects should not exceed six months.

Funding decisions will be made by the Kosovo Women’s Fund Grant Review Committee, elected by KWN members.KWN will accept applications in Albanian and Serbian languages.

For more information, visit the KWN website at: http://www.womensnetwork.org/?FaqeID=33. KWN staff are available to provide further information to members as needed; appointments can be made by contacting info@womensnetwork.org or calling KWN at 038 245 850.