KWN Holds Training on Public Relations Capacity Building

On December 1, Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) held a one-day training “Public Relations and Effective Communication” with member organizations and grantees of the Kosovo Women’s Fund (KWF). 

The importance of branding, best communication practices through social media platforms, as well as media relations, were some of the topics presented during the workshop. Representatives of fourteen KWN member organizations gathered together to discuss their public appearances, the importance of open and interactive communication with their audience, and the importance of using social media as a means of communication. 

“This workshop was very practical and useful; we learned a lot about the strategic planning of social media posts and the importance of defining the target group, and creating content-based information for our audience,” said Fidane Hyseni, Executive Director of Center for Protection of Women and Children “Raba Voca”. 

Great emphasis was placed on introducing best practices to expose their organizations to a wider audience through professional writing and improving social media presence. Participants also discussed strategic planning of delivering key message to the public, and practices that affect the growth of organic audience. 

“One way to increase reach is by paying for social media posts to promote your content. Another alternative would be for organizations to concentrate on quality of content and posting techniques for a more organic audience growth “said Rudina Voca, Public Relations Coordinator, KWN, adding that “Together we discussed these methods and the challenges organizations face in creating a quality as well as creative content” 

In the final stage, the workshop focused on professional writing, where all participants had the opportunity to improve and practice their writing skills. The purpose of these exercises was for participants to provide feedback to further improve their communication strategy. 

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