Anisa Ismaili and Ilire Vinca-Çelaj perform debut of “Every Monday” at KWN Annual Meeting 2006.

Play “Every Monday” Brings Attention to Violence against Women

On 8 March, at ODA Theatre the campaign against violence against women was launched with a play by Italian playwright Sara Bogatti entitled “Every Monday at 1:30 pm” sponsored by MAMACASH. KWN helped raise funds for this bestselling play, also among the most produced shows in Italy on women’s issues and their attitudes toward their role in society.

The one-act play portrays three intellectual women who met each week to discuss what it is like to be a woman in modern society. All successful career women, they still faced various professional and personal problems while working with male colleagues.

A light comedy, the play communicated its message easily and universally, beyond cultural or national boundaries. In Kosova, the play was completely produced by women: Director Burbuqe Berisha, Assistant Director Shota Bukoshi, Stage Designer Rozafa Basha, Costume Designer Iliriana Loxha-Basha, Make up Labinote Geci, and cast members: Ilire Vinca-Çelaj, Anisa Ismaili and Arberesha Grabovci-Nixha.