Girls identify their concerns and needs during the YWEI meeting organized by KWN in Mitrovica.

Young Women Activists Mobilize in Mitrovica

KWN organized a Young Women’s Empowerment Initiative (YWEI) meeting in Mitrovica on May 30. Approximately 25 young women from various NGOs and institutions attended.

Young women discussed the problems and issues young women from Mitrovica face in everyday life and their strategies for overcoming these issues, including young women’s access to education, early marriage, inter-generational conflict and difficulties entering into decision-making positions.
“This meeting provided us with clear ideas for overcoming the difficulties that we as young women face today,” a participant said. “It also showed us how important it is to gather more often and share experiences.”


Young women believe that the first step towards overcoming these problems is raising awareness among young women and older generations, as well as hosting intergenerational experience exchanges. They were encouraged to continue thinking about ideas and solutions for solving the issues they face. They will bring their ideas for discussion in future meetings.
YWEI came out of KWN members’ interests in furthering the sustainability of women’s organizing in Kosovo. It aims to involve more young women in the women’s movement by empowering them to advocate for their concerns and needs.
This meeting followed prior discussions held in Prizren and Gjilan. YWEI receives support from KtK.