KWN Members Hone Skills in Proposal Writing

Since KWN began, members have requested a workshop on Project Proposal Writing. In response to members’ demands, KWN organized two such workshops in Prishtina on 6-7 and 10-11 December, respectively.
“We really need workshops like the one on Project Proposal Writing,” said Bahrie Deva from the Association for the Education and Care of the Family in Gjakova, a KWN member organization.
The two-day interactive workshops covered project proposal writing basics, including project proposal content, results-based management, stakeholder analysis, problem analysis and problem trees and the hierarchy of objectives within a logical framework. The more than 50 participants took home concrete skills in project proposal writing.
“Even though I have quite a lot of experience in the NGO sector, when writing project proposals I used to mix goals with objectives. After this workshop, I can differentiate them and tell which is which,” said Ola Syla from Women’s Association Light of Krusha, another KWN member.
The workshop was led by KWN staff members who possess experience and expertise in proposal writing: Nicole Farnsworth, Albertina Binaku and Zana Rudi.

“This workshop has helped me and my colleagues a lot and has been the first of its kind for us,”

said Kadrije Tahiraj from the Centre for Protection of Women and Children in Drenas. “We appreciate it and the fact that KWN organized it for free for us. We know that in other places in the world, you must pay to participate in such workshops.”
In addition to offering free of charge follow-up mentoring to members when they write future project proposals, KWN staff plan to offer follow-up workshops in risk analysis, monitoring and evaluation in 2013.
Based on members’ requests, KWN also organized a one-day workshop on Budgeting and Financial Management on 20 December. KWN Finance Manager Besa Shehu led the workshop, which included budget planning for projects, financial management, controls, reporting, Excel formulas, and calculating salaries, including tax and pension contributions.
KWN will offer additional capacity-building opportunities for its members in 2013, based on members’ requests. These services are provided to KWN members as part of the KWN Capacity Building Program, funded by Kvinna till Kvinna.