Medica Kosova’s Clients, Staff Visit Istanbul

Twenty-eight clients and staff members from KWN’s member organization Medica Kosova visited Istanbul, Turkey on 16-20 April 2013. The visit aimed to facilitate the rehabilitation process for women who suffered losses during the war, as well as various forms of violence. This visit received support from the Ministry for Family and Social Policy (MFSP) in Turkey through the Turkish Embassy in Kosovo.

“I really appreciate MFSPs’ help for this visit. Visiting Turkey is already a part of our healing process,” said one of Medica Kosova’s clients, a survivor of the war in Kosovo.

During their visit, the group met Mrs. Fatma Åžahin, Minister for Family and Social Policy; Sebahate Spahiu, the wife of the Ambassador of Kosovo in Turkey; and Rrahmi Morina, a General Consul.

Prishtina’s Association (PA) in Istanbul kindly and warmly welcomed the visitors. “We are happy to be able to meet our ‘sisters’ from Kosova,” a representative from PA said.

The visit to Istanbul also included visits to various organizations and training centres. These provided a good opportunity to exchange information, experiences and ideas.