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KWN Members Cooperate on Drafting a Feminist Strategy
The Exhibition “Break the Silence: Ending Violence Behind Walls” Returns to Pristina
20 Years of Resolution 1325: Kosovo Needs to Implement This Resolution
KWN and EWLA co-host a four-day workshop on EU Gender Equality Acquis
Security Begins at Home: No Peace without Justice
A Discussion about the Importance of Economic Empowerment in Preventing Violence against Women
The Lipjan Youth Center Holds the Closing Workshop for the “Supporting Girls and Women for Active Participation in the Economy” Initiative
“Ruka Ruci” Continues Activities to Strengthen Women’s Participation in Politics
Feminists from Kosovo and Serbia Join in the Feminist Spring School
Gender-based Discrimination at Workplaces – Successful Cases in times of Pandemic
Advocacy for Women’s Rights at Work Continues
Gender Responsive Budgeting: A Recap of Milestones and a Glimpse to the Future

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