Letter addressed to the Ministry of Finance

Domestic violence remains one of the most widespread forms of violence across the world. The report titled “No more with excuses” published in 2015 by the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) in close cooperation with the Agency on Gender Equality and the National Coordinator against Domestic Violence, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Justice, shows that the situation in Kosovo has slightly changed, however it continues to remain of concern. 
The Ministry of Finance provides the budget through the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare (MPMS) planning annual funding. Shelters contracted by MPMS, in particular the Department for social and family policy, to provide shelter. However, sustainable funding for shelters remains a challenge. It notes that the role of shelters is crucial in terms of housing, rehabilitation and reintegration of victims of domestic violence.
We suggest that the Ministry of Finance plans and provides a budget of permanent shelters, which should be sufficient for them to cover all costs, including counseling and care for victims of domestic violence and other forms of violence gender and all services which are offered to them during their stay in shelters.
The Kosovo Shelter Coalition have presented in their proposal addressed in June 2016 to the Government of the Republic of Kosovo a budget plan designed to cover the basic expenditures of shelter service package comprising eight shelters [1]. Based on the proposed project, all shelters have calculated in their budgets the annual amount of €60,000.00 per annum, or €5,000.00 per month. This means that the total amount needed for 2017 for the eight shelters is €480.000.00.
The shelters will provide reports on expenditure of public funds and the relevant institution will designate a supervisory team in order to provide full and transparent supervision of the use of such funds and other funds obtained from international organizations.
Taking into account that the shelters are the only service and care provider to the victims of domestic violence and other gender-based violence forms in the Republic of Kosovo, we, the Security and Gender Equality Group (SGEG), suggest that the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare should support the Kosovo Shelter Coalition to fully deliver these services.
Note to the media
The Security and Gender Equality Group (SGEG) is a group composed of numerous stakeholders, the key group led by UN Women, and the sub-group for Gender-Based Violence/Domestic Violence, led by the OSCE Mission in Kosovo and the KWN. The following institutions are members of the SGEG or members of the sub-group and support this public statement: International Organizations: UN Women, UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, OHCHR, OSCE Mission in Kosovo, WHO, IOM; Civil Society Organizations: Kosovo Women’s Network, Shelter Coalition, Kosovo Gender Studies Center, Kvinna till Kvinna.


[1]1) Center for Protection of Women and Children – CPWC, shelter in Prishtina; 2) Safe House– SH, shelter in Gjakova; 3) Center for Women’s Welfare – CWW, Peja; 4) Center for Protection of Women and Children’s Rights – CPWCR ” LIRIA”, shelter in Gjilan; 5) Center for Protection of Victims and Prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings – PVPT, shelter in Prishtina; 6) Children’s Hope and House – CHH “Kosovë”, Prishtina shelter for children; 7) Center for Sheltering Women and Children – CSWC – P – shelter in Prizren; 8) Center for Protection of Women and Children – CPWC “Raba Voca”, shelter in Mitrovica.