Artpolis organizes 4th annual FemART

 Centre for Promotion and Community Artpolis organized the biggest Regional Women’s Artists Festival (FemART) for the fourth time in Prishtina. FemART started on 25 until 30 May. 
  The program of the Festival has contained different themes such as: human rights, LGBT, reproductive health, women’s economic empowerment, violence against women etc.
   Similar to previous years, this edition also brought artistic creations, including theatre plays, movies, concerts, book promotions, fashion, installations, street art, poetry, workshops, and other forms of art creations from feminist women and men artists from Kosovo region and Europe.
   During FemART were organized 30 activities with more than 100 artists, activists in eight different locations in Prishtina starting every day for six days from 10:00 am until 12:00, at midnight. Hundreds citizens attended inspiring programs of FemART for free.