Citizens Called to Contribute to Ground Breaking Research to Inform New Labour Law

True or false: the maternity leave provisions in Kosovo are contributing to unemployment among women, due to discrimination in hiring? How much are businesses suffering financially from maternity leave provisions? Are men discriminated against considering the short time allotted for paternity leave? KWN believes that these and other questions pertaining to the Labour Law have not been sufficiently answered by existing research. 

 Therefore, KWN is currently conducting research with the aim of informing the new Labour Law with research based findings on topics such as maternity leave and paternity leave. Driven by an official request from the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Mr Arban Abrashi, to come up with recommendations and our believe that an important law like this one should be drafted based on citizens’ input, KWN is working on this influential policy changing research. As no public consultations concerning this law have taken place yet, this is a good and important opportunity for Kosovo citizens to express their ideas and concerns related to this law and the policies stemming from it which directly affect their daily lives. KWN has not received any funding or donation for this initiative and depends on citizens’ contributions and voluntarism to realize this important research. 
Citizens can contribute their important experiences and opinions to this research by taking these online surveys, which will close this Friday, Oct. 30:
Its also available in Serbian:
KWN welcomes citizens’ input to inform this new law!