Kosovo Women’s Fund to Give 66,429€ to 18 KWN Member Organizations

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On Thursday, 24 October, the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) is organizing a press conference from 14:00 to 14:20 to officially announce recipients of Kosovo Women’s Fund (KWF) grants amounting to €66,429.50. KWN Executive Director, Igballe Rogova will speak, together with the Chief Political Adviser/Executive Coordinator of EU Office, Ms. Annette Fath Lihic, and the Head of Administration and Advisor of Private Sector, Austrian Development Agency (ADA), Mr. Arsim Aziri.

After the media conference, KWN will sign contracts with grant recipients. These grants have been made possible through support from the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) and the European Union Office in Kosovo. KWN will distribute a total of 16 grants to 18 member organizations, two of which are partnerships, totalling €13,424.00. Their initiatives will contribute to implementing the KWN Strategy 2019-2022, created jointly by KWN members.

Beneficiaries of KWF grants are:

Advocacy Grants for a Single Organization:

  • Active Women of Gjakova with the initiative “Development of a sustainable inter-institutional system for addressing gender-based violence and domestic violence in the municipality of Gjakova” (3,496.00€, supported by ADA)
  • NVO “Svet Andjela” with the initiative “Women in focus” (4,000.00€, supported by EU)
  • Initiative of Kosovar Woman with the initiative: “Improved access of women farmer and entrepreneurs of Gjakova Municipality to municipal subsidies” (3,760.00€, supported by ADA)
  • Down Sindrom Kosova with the initiative: “The kitchen X21” (3,980.00€, supported by ADA)
  • Kosovo Advocacy Group with the initiative: “Participation of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian women in policy-making ” (4,985.00€, supported by EU)
  • Udruženje Poslovnih Žena WBA with the initiative: „Gender Equality Index in Local Self-Government in North Mitrovica“ (4,997.00€, supported by EU)
  • Network of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Women’s Organizations of Kosovo with the initiative: “Promoting employment by improving soft skills for Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian women in Gjakova” (3,000.00€, supported by ADA)
  • The Organization Lulishtja with the initiative: “Advocacy for Economic Empowerment of Women Farmers in the villages of Highlands of Gollak” (3,080.00€, supported by ADA)
  • Hareja Organization with the initiative: “Do not be silent- Speak Up” (3,140.00€, supported by ADA)
  • Moravski Biser with the initiative: “The harmonization of traditional inheritance norms with the legal framework” (3,387.00€, supported by ADA)
  • Organization for local reforms “Euloc” with the initiative: “Promotion of gender responsible budgeting in local government in Viti) (4,990.50€, supported by EU)
  • Association for Education and the care of family with the initiative: “Increasing the efficiency of social services through the provisions of the Istanbul Convention” (3,420.00€, supported by ADA)
  • Art Without Limit with the initiative: “International Movie Festival for people with disabilities” (3,750.00€, supported by ADA)
  • United Women’s Association with the initiative: “Fair advocacy for women’s employment” (3,020.00€, supported by ADA)

Networking for Change Grants:

  • Udruzenje Zena Nas Dom & Women’s Centre for Rural Development with the initiative: „Partnership for Development (of women’s entrepreneurship development-friendly environment)“ (7,614.00€, supported by ADA)
  • The organization Rikotta & Women’s Centre “ATO”: “Economic empowerment and capacity building of women in Prevalla and surrounding villages“ (5,810.00€, supported by ADA).

KWN’s Kosovo Women’s Fund offers small grants for women’s organizations that lack of other funding opportunities and that want to work for women’s rights, especially groups working in rural areas and\or with marginalized persons. Since 2012, KWF has distributed 160 grants, supported 84 organizations, totalling 753, 747.46 €. It has had more than 20,855 beneficiaries. In 2019, the Kosovo Women’s Fund is receiving support from the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), European Union (EU) Office in Kosovo and UN Women.

Please click HERE for the agenda for more information.