KWN strongly condemns the derogatory language towards Mrs. Luljeta Plakolli Kasumi

The debate held on the 24th of November instigated by Enver Hasani was directed against the personal image of a woman, the professor of the University of Pristina, Mrs. Luljeta Plakolli Kasumi, who was appointed as an acting rector of the University of Pristina. This language is an example of a misogynistic and bullying approach toward women as leaders in Kosovo.

The Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) does not intend to interfere in the developments that are happening at the University of Pristina. Still, it cannot remain silent when the debates turn into misogynistic insults and blackmails against Mrs. Plakolli Kasumi only because she is a woman.

Such tendencies create the impression that Kosovo still lives under the power of a handful of men who have the ‘authority’ to destroy the name of any woman who dares to exercise high decision-making positions.

KWN strongly condemns the derogatory and blackmail language towards Mrs. Luljeta Plakolli Kasumi and any other woman. Enver Hasani’s insults and slander must be rejected as a trend for the continuation of the abusive and hateful mentality towards women that has existed at the University of Pristina for decades.

We will no longer allow the existing rule in Kosovo “Defeat a woman today, to defeat others in the future.“