Ajshe Osmani Nuhiu: Proud to Have Her among Us

Ajshe Osmani Nuhiu passed away at the age of 70 on August 16, 2015 from a difficult disease. She was born in 1945 in a village near Viti. Since health was her passion, she finished high school for medicine in Prishtina and then continued her studies in the same field in Belgrade. 
     After her studies, she started working at the Kosovo Health Secretariat as a Coordinator for Preventive Health. She practiced this profession with great will and passion for more than 20 years. Her work included collaborating with UNICEF to provide drinking water for people in rural areas. More than 100 water pipes were provided to residents of different villages. She received a medal for her significant contribution and was decorated by UNICEF, the Federal Ministry of Health and the Presidency of Kosovo. 
     At that time, Ajshe also served as a Member of Parliament. In 1990 she was dismissed from her position since she did not accept to work for Serbian institutions. After that, she was never employed. This, motivated Ajshe to find other ways to help people in need, especially women and girls. 
     After the war in Kosovo, she was part of the labor unions of Kosovo and later on she founded the Association of Women Pensioners called “Vita Jeta”. Its mission was to empower and emancipate women pensioners by offering them psycho-social assistance, rehabilitation and health protection. 
     With her tremendous energy she welcomed many members into the organization. She increased the number of members from a few hundred to more than 1000. She enriched their lives with various activities, lectures and topics important to women pensioners, especially in the field of justice and human rights. Thanks to her engagement and advocacy together with other Vita-Jeta staff, more than 600 women received free medical checkups for osteoporosis disease. 
     “Hundreds of women, thanked our mother hundreds of times for the psycho-social contribution with which she provided them,” said Arber Nuhiu, son of Ajshe. 
     Rabije Slivova, coordinator of “Vita Jeta spoke of Ajshe as a very active woman who loved life. “Even during the last days of her life she gave us courage, and she spoke to us about our future activities that we will organize together. Since 2000, the year when the Association was founded, Ajshe has worked a lot with all the members of the Association,” Rabije said. “She will undoubtedly remain forever in our hearts and minds.” 
     Ajshe Nuhiu was a great support and inspiration for all women pensioners, who have cherished the hope for an active life after giving their contribution to this country for many years in education, health and other fields. 
     Her death is a great loss for Kosovo Women’s Network and especially for women pensioners. She has provided women pensioners with unlimited support and space to develop their creativity, as well as promote their interests and needs in a country where the status and living conditions for pensioners is very difficult. 
     “I am convinced that her work and contribution will remain as a guide for us and many other women who hope for an active life in their third period of life,” said Veprore Shehu, Executive Director of Medica Kosova.