Fondacioni për Edukim dhe Zhvillim (FEZH) (Foundation for Education and Development)

Many women in Novoberd spend most of their time at home, caring for children and doing housework. In the snowy winter months, they hunker in, spending their days and nights sewing and weaving. The Foundation for Education and Development inspired women to become active outside their homes whilst contributing to their families’ income.

The Foundation began by organizing training in products, marketing, and markets, supported by the Kosovo Women’s Fund (€2,600). They concentrated on reaching women heads of households and those dependent on state social assistance. In September, they assisted women in opening a kiosk and outdoor pavilion at a prime location, near the Novoberd Tourist Centre. From there, women could sell their homemade products to tourists visiting the Novoberd castle.
“This project is very important for us,” a woman said. “It is not only about the profit, but it made us active as well. I make homemade jams, teas, and handcrafts. Now I can sell them. People even started to call me and ask about my products.”

According to Vjollca Zeqiri, the Foundation’s Director, the initiative not only contributed to improving 10 women’s economic situation, it also supported women psychologically. “Now women can sell the products that they have made during the winter in the summer,” she said. “Regardless of when they make each product with dedication and love, every product will be sold.”