OSCE Launches Report: “Shelters for Victims of Domestic Violence in Kosovo”

On Jan. 17, the Organisation for Security and Co-operation (OSCE) Mission in Kosovo published the report “Shelters for Victims of Domestic Violence in Kosovo”. In addition to describing the legal framework relevant to shelters, the report analyses other issues related to the financial sustainability of shelters; shelter staff capacities; the services they provide; and municipal coordination mechanisms on domestic violence. Further, the report identifies the main challenges that shelters face and provides recommendations for overcoming these challenges, as well as for improving municipal coordination mechanisms on domestic violence.

At the report launching, panellists included: Jan Braathu, OSCE Mission in Kosovo; Naim Qelaj, National Coordinator against Domestic Violence; Adile Basha, Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare; Sakibe Doli, “Safe House” Shelter in Gjakova; and Adelina Berisha, Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN). All panellists agreed that greater efforts should be made to ensure support for shelter staff and their important work, emphasising the need to urgently address shelters’ financial sustainability.

Adelina Berisha reminded participants about KWN activities supporting domestic violence shelters: “In the end of 2018, KWN advocated to the deputies of the Assembly of Kosovo to set aside a budget for sustainable financial support to domestic violence shelters”. She asked that “the OSCE, the Office of the National Coordinator against Domestic Violence and other relevant stakeholders support this KWN initiative by exerting pressure on deputies to support shelters with sustainable funds.”

OSCE’s report can be found here.