KWN members Learn Why and How to Use Digital Media

On Nov. 16, KWN organized the workshop, Utilizing Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The workshop was led by Doruntinë Demiri, Zana Cana and Genc Bokshi from Ipko Foundation. With the inclusion of their trainers, the Ipko Foundation supported KWN’s members in building their capacities. 
Doruntinë Demiri opened the workshop, and she informed participants of the principles of social media, its impact, and effective strategies for using it.   
  “Years ago the advocacy for sensitive cases of a society were made in form of protest and joint meetings, but today the strength of the advocacy in world is concentrated in another form – in distributing the information through digital tools,” said Demiri. 
   Demiri emphasized that in order to be successful advocates, participants of the workshop need to use media. Using media is necessary because you can reach more people, and you can also encourage people to join that cause. You can find more information about this strategy by clicking here. 
  During the second part of the workshop, participants learned more about how to use tools and social media channels, as well as how to plan concrete steps for their initiatives in the future. 
This workshop was supported by European Union Office in Kosovo.