New Groups Encourage Breastfeeding among Mothers

The “Women to Women Support Group for breastfeeding mothers” project started in October 2004 and ended in March 2005. The project was conducted in cooperation with UNICEF, the Kosova Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) Working Group, and local NGOs. The UNICEF-funded project aimed to increase the exclusive breastfeeding rate by establishing functional and sustainable “women to women” support groups in six locations. The support groups primarily supported, protected, and promoted breastfeeding at the community level. The groups emphasized the importance of breastfeeding during the first six months.

KWN created and maintained close communication with maternity wards in order to collect information on new mothers, and, if necessary, pay them a home visit. The support groups consulted with mothers, women, and family members about the importance of breastfeeding and lactation management.

Discussions took place in NGO centers and offices, as well as through telephone consultations or home visits. KWN offered information and consultancy on breastfeeding without discrimination and with special attention to women from the Roma, Ashkalia and Egyptian communities, as well as women living in rural areas.