Civil Society reacts against the statements of prosecutor Rexhep Maqedonci

On March 27 through a press release Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) with its partners from civil society have expressed concerns over the statements made by prosecutor Rexhep Maqedonci, published on 25 Mar. 2019, in the news portal, more specifically the article „The Prosecutor Rexhep Macedonci calls ‘scurvy’ the student who complained of sexual harassment“.

In this discourse, the civil society called for the aforementioned prosecutor to be discharged from the case, due to the impartiality of the prosecutor on the case by aligning with the perpetrator hence failing a fair treatment of the victim.

Abstaining on having influence over the state prosecution’s independent investigation, civil society considers that the prosecutor’s statement is prejudicial, offensive and discourages the victim and the subsequent victims to denounce similar cases in the prosecution.

The civil society also emphasized the crucial significance for the State Prosecutor and the Kosovo’s Prosecutorial Council to distance themselves from this public statement of Maqedonci prosecutor.

Read HERE the full press release where you can find legal references in Kosovo’s laws and in the European Union’s directives as well.