Coalition for Equality discusses “Strengthening Women’s Participation in Politics”

On March 19, Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) held its Coalition for Equality Meeting where around 85 participants discussed “Strengthening Women’s Participation in Politics”.

KWN’s Executive Director, Igballe Rogova presented to the attenders the initiative supported by the European Union Office in Kosovo, the initiative with aims to increase the women’s participation in politics.

Rogova said that the goal is “empowerment of the civic engagement, gender equality and inclusive democracy by increasing women’s participation in politics and decision-making process in Kosovo”.

“Today we are here with positive energy, because the dream we started last year, it has come true.  And that dream is that we have been united and have created the Coalition for Equality, and now we have found support from the EU’s Office to achieve our unification, our solidarity”, she said.

Annette Fath-Lihic, Chief Political Adviser/Executive Coordinator, European Union Special Representative Office in Kosovo, assessed that lack of law’s implementation remains a problem.

“I have to seize this opportunity and call upon Kosovar authorities to end this gap between execution and legislation, so the lives of women would not be affected because they represent 50 percent of population, but also because this is social justice and a necessary condition for a better functioning of the society”, said Lihic.

Regarding the lack of law implementation, spoke also Mexhide Mjaku-Topalli, Member of Parliament and Chairwoman of Women Caucus. “While the 30 % quota in the local and national assembly has been largely implemented, the Law on Gender Equality which foresees that women hold 50% of posts in decision-making is not being implemented,“ she said.

Meanwhile, Ulrika Richardson, Development Coordinator, United Nations Kosovo Team (UNKT) has mentioned the importance of positive energy in such movements.

“Gender equality is related with power. When we look at the power, politics has to do with power. It is obvious that we need more women in politics”, stated Richardson.

In the second part of the meeting it was discussed about the problems which women in politics face in both central and local level. Important part of this discussion were also the ideas for continuing the implementation of Coalition Strategy.

This meeting was supported by European Union Office in Kosovo.