KWN Supports Childcare

On March 14 Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) participated in a conference dedicated to childcare. This event was organized in the Assembly of Kosovo by the Self-Determination Movement (VV) organization with members of political parties and civil society.

Referring to earlier research conducted by KWN, Advocacy Coordinator Adelina Berisha presented information and stressed that the prerequisite for gender equality is the funding and support of day care centers for children.

„Women’s free work for childcare usually goes unnoticed, though it is of crucial importance to the functioning of the household economy, the community, human well-being, and the economy,“ said Ms. Berisha.

In conclusion, Ms. Berisha urged the government and the members of the parliament to raise their initiatives in increasing the number of day care centers for children, and in this context for the elderly and people with disabilities, in order to encourage employment of women and the division of responsibility for child care between men and women.