8 March: Women Seek Address, Justice for Missing Persons

 On 8 Mar. 2014, International Women’s Day, with the initiative of the association “Thirjet e Nënave” (Mother’s Call), KWN will organize a protest to support mothers, wives, sisters and daughters of missing persons with the motto: "We are with you." KWN and Thirjet e Nënave invite citizens to “Zahir Pajaziti” Square at 11:3 0, from which they will march at 12:00 to the Assembly of Kosova.

     A year ago, photos of missing persons were removed from fences of the Assembly of Kosova with the promise that a memorial would be constructed for missing persons. That promise was never realized.

     “For 15 years they have neglected and deceived us, while criminals run free," said Nesrete Kumnova, Head of Thirrjet e Nënave. "Even those who are punished receive low or decreased sentences.  There has been no justice for the thousands of persons who were murdered, raped and disappeared. We will return the photos of missing persons where they were because the case of missing persons is still unresolved.”