KWN Launches New Ethical and Accountability Code

In 2006 KWN became the first network of non-governmental organizations in Kosova to adopt a code of conduct. Our members acknowledge that transparency and accountability are qualities non-profit, nongovernmental organizations must possess in order to demonstrate to citizens, partners, and donors that organizations work in service to the public.

Therefore, all 80 of our member organizations consulted in the drafting process and then signed the new Kosova Women’s Network Ethics and Accountability Code, agreeing to meet the high standards of transparency and accountability within the code. The code includes six basic principles: Mission and Program, Good Governance, Human Resources, Financial Transparency and Accountability, Civic Responsibility, and Partnerships and Networking.

KWN provides individualized and group support to members toward implementing the code. Thus, the code helps members build their capacity as organizations toward a more sustainable future. Fulfilling the principles within the code will make them stronger organizations, so
they can secure public trust and better support for their future work. By empowering our members, we gain strength as a network. In addition, by establishing clear standards for our members, we set an example for other non-governmental organizations and can continue to demand accountability and transparency from Kosova’s governing authorities as well.