Members Start Implementing KWN Ethical and Accountability Code

In 2006, KWN members adopted the KWN Ethical and Accountability Code. The document sets standards of accountability and transparency for KWN members. The code includes six basic principles: Mission and Program, Good Governance, Human Resources, Financial Transparency and Accountability, Civic Responsibility and Partnerships, and Networking. Most importantly, the code is meant to assist members with building their capacity as organizations towards a sustainable future. KWN members signed an agreement to implement the code and began work toward incorporating the principles within the code into their work.

In November 2007, KWN representatives began visiting KWN member organizations with an application to help members evaluate progress made toward implementing the code this year. Many members have filled out applications and prepared the accompanying documentation, as stipulated within the code. In early 2008 an evaluation committee comprised of five stakeholders elected by KWN member organizations at the annual meeting will evaluate if members have met at least 30 percent of the code in 2007, a pre-requisite to remaining a KWN member in 2008. KWN prepared the Ethical and Accountability Code in Albanian, Serbian, and English, in order to further explain the code to members, future potential members, partners, and potential donors (supported by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation).