KWN’s Three-day Workshop Aims to Strengthen Co-operation between Shelters

The workshop “Strengthening collaboration between the shelters in Kosovo” was held on May 16, 17, and18 in Durrës. Organized by Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN), this workshop gathered together representatives of shelters and day-care centres for victims of gender-based violence and those of human trafficking.

Aside from networking and sharing of experiences between the workers of shelters and day-care centres, during this workshop participants also discussed the challenges and problems that they face during work.

Igballe Rogova, Executive Director of KWN said that without the reaction there can be no change.

“We will support each-other, united we will advocate for greater support of your work in order to better support victims of gender-based violence and trafficking victims” said Rogova.

Fidane Hyseni from the Mitrovica’s shelter shared one of the obstacles they face during their work activity.

“A common challenge we are facing is the lack of alimony implementation by the ex-husbands of sheltered women. They (ex-husbands) are switching bank accounts and so it is becoming difficult to track their incomes. This directly is affecting the well-being of women and children, as in addition to the traumatic violence experience, women and children are left without bread and water too”, she stated.

The Serbian feminist activist, Lepa Mladjenovic, broadly spoke about understanding the patriarchal structure and violence as a form of holding manpower.

“Being a woman or a man is a social construct, and the roles interconnected to these two genders are utterly built by the patriarchal system, which is always in favour of man and considers him to be in a higher position than the woman”, Mladjenovic said.

On the third day of the workshop, Ariana Qosaj-Mustafa, the Chairwoman of the KWN’s Board briefed participants on Manual for managing the cases of Domestic Violence Shelters, a manual drafted in harmony with the requirements of the Istanbul Convention.

This workshop was organized by Kosovo Women’s Network and supported by UN Women.