Energized and motivated, KWN staff depart for Prishtina after the two-day retreat in Prevalle.

Retreat Energizes KWN Staff, Motivates Future Work

Work combined with fun was the formula for an invigorating and productive KWN staff retreat, held on Aug. 1-2 in the beautiful mountains of Prevalle.

The personality profiles test was perhaps the most memorable activity. During this exercise, everyone took a quick, fun test to determine whether they were a mastermind, romantic, warrior and/or expert. Then the team discussed at length theirs and others’ personalities, identifying ways for improved interactions among colleagues, considering each person’s unique personality.
“This exercise was very helpful for me,” a KWN staff member said. “Now I understand even better my colleagues’ personalities, and I will know better how to act in different circumstances at work.”
Free time, games and meals together also provided open spaces for meaningful discussions among colleagues. Several photographs marked their journey. On the second day, staff members discussed KWN’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats during a “SWOT” analysis session. Several ideas arose from this reflective brainstorming session. The discussion focused not only on the needs of KWN staff, but also on what initiatives might contribute to strengthening the network and women’s organizing more broadly.
“Whatever we brainstorm and write, we should always remember the needs and challenges of our member organizations since we are here to serve our members,” said a staff member.
During this session, staff noted that while KWN has a mission statement, the network does not yet have a vision statement in writing. Team members collaborated to draft a vision statement, which will be proposed to KWN members for approval. Other issues identified at the retreat will also be provided to KWN members.
KWN staff members agreed that the retreat was relaxing, energizing and very productive in identifying key steps forward. On the way back to Prishtina, KWN staff felt they knew each other better and were energized for future joint actions together, as colleagues and friends.