Activities of Coalition for Equality get coordinated

Prishtinë- A coordination meeting of Coalition for Equality (CfE) was held on April 10, where present were Mexhide Mjaku-Topalli, Member of Parliament and Chairwoman of Women Caucus, board members of this group; members of Parliament (MP) Saranda Bogujevci and Teuta Haxhiu, as well as Executive Director of Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) Igballe Rogova.

“Soon we will start the meetings with women voters, we will notify the female MPs to join us in these important meetings”, said Rogova.

Further, the participants agreed to arrange meetings with media representatives, including here journalists and editors in chief, in order to improve the public performance/appearance of women and increase their representation during electoral campaigns.

The parties agreed to hold the second Coalition for Equality meeting of this year during June.

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