Gender Coordination Group Discusses Women’s Property Rights

 Coordination of the many organizations, donors, and government agencies working on women and property rights has been identified as a major need. Organizations working on similar causes need to be informed about each other’s activities, towards improving cooperation. The Gender Coordination Group (GCG) for Property Rights Program (PRP) was reactivated this year, building on the platform that existed last year.
    GCG members include people from different sectors, including civil society, government and donor agencies, that are working in areas relevant to property rights and women’s rights. Members meet bimonthly to discuss and plan activities regarding women’s property rights.  GCG’s mission is to develop activities that will help strengthen legislation and court procedures to better protect women’s property rights; change cultural attitudes and behaviours about women’s property rights; and promote opportunities to engage as economic actors.
   On 2 Sep. GCG held a bimonthly meeting co-hosted by the Agency for Gender Equality and the USAID-funded, TetraTech-implemented Property Rights Program. GCG members presented activities held in recent months. They also made plans regarding the future. 
   The Property Rights Program presented information about Social Behaviour Change Campaigns (SBCC), which are campaigns that use data, as well as creative ideas to focus on changing or positively influencing social norms in support of long-term, sustainable behaviour change within a population. The presentation sought to get GCG members “on the same page” regarding the meaning of SBCC, so that if they initiate joint campaigns in the future, all group members have a shared understanding and approach.To this end, participants also completed a questionnaire regarding SBCC, identifying their existing knowledge and what they would like to learn about SBCC during an upcoming workshop organized by the Property Rights Program.  
   Other information shared during this meeting included:

  •  KWN shared the information for the campaign “I Dare to Speak” which aims to inform citizens about their legal rights, particularly women’s rights, and existing gender equality mechanisms through artistic plays, monologues, and songs.
  • ATRC has an open call for Rapid funds (max $25,000), which will be open through 2017. Through this initiative, ATRC is going to fund organizations that need “ad hoc funds” for a campaign or to react to an emergency; ATRC also gave two grants to BIRN and Advocacy Center For Democratic Culture (ACDC).
  •  A representative from the Ombudsperson’s office said that the office is ready for cooperation and to help with cases for women’s empowerment.
  •   Sabrije Bytyqi from parliament assembly said they are pushing further cases regarding gender equality and that they will continue to do so.
 The next meeting of GCG will be in November. Participants were encouraged to be in contact and to share information regarding their activities related to women’s property rights via email in the meantime.