OPDMK Advocates for Accessibility Ramps for Institutions in Prizren

Persons with disabilities do not enjoy opportunities equal to the rest of the population in Kosovo. In many cases, they remain isolated from society. In order to address this, the Organization for Persons with Muscular Dystrophy in Kosovo (OPDMK) held roundtable discussions with representatives from responsible institutions, other non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and media. During meetings,

OPDMK advocated for persons with disabilities to have access to public institutions. They also raised awareness among responsible institutions about the importance of actively engaging all stakeholders to respect the rights of persons with disabilities. Representatives of the local assembly promised greater engagement and proposed that a regulation would be initiated, which would better regulate issues faced by persons with special needs. “We achieved for 27 out of 50 points of access to public buildings to be accessible for persons with muscular dystrophy,” stated Antigona Shestan from OPDMK. “This was to address the isolation that many people with disabilities face, OPDMK also gathered people with special needs from throughout Kosovo so they could socialize and discuss issues of mutual interest. They held electronic and regular wheelchair races at a local private high school, “Loyola”. realized through close cooperation with the Public Services Department of our Municipality. In total, the initiative directly benefitted 139 people.

However, indirectly many more people with limited mobility and parents with strollers also have benefitted from improved access to public buildings in Prizren. Another achievement is that a representative of OPDMK was proposed to become a member of the Municipal Council for Community Security. Within the council, she will be able to continue advocating for the rights of persons with disabilities.