Women of Krusha e Vogël Discuss About Cervical Cancer

On 1 February, Association of Women Farmers “Krusha e Vogël” held its next activity at Central Family Medicine Centre (CFMC) in Prizren, within the framework of the action “Supporting Women through the Menopause”.

Around 20 women and girls from the village of Krusha e Vogël discussed about cervical cancer together with the lecturer Dr. Hanife Hoxha, Coordinator for Continuing Professional Development at MFMC Prizren.

Dr. Hoxha gave a detailed explanation related to the symptoms of this type of cancer, factors that increase the chances of being affected by cervical cancer, and also revealed the importance of regular medical checks.

“The symptoms do not appear at the early stages of cervical cancer, while over time the signs that can be obvious are pain after sexual intercourse, bleeding after the climax, rapid weight loss, as well as the repetition of the menstrual cycle shortly after it has been finished”, stated Dr. Hoxha.

Pap Test is the way through which this particular cancer can be detected, therefore Dr. Hoxha shared with the participants advices for undergoing this test.

Further, Dr. Hoxha called for awareness raising regarding gynaecological visits, while seizing this opportunity to announce that women and girls of Prizren for one year can do Pap test free of charge.

At the end of the discussion, women participants highly appreciated the benefits gained from this initiative, counting here awareness raising about the role of reproductive health at the general wellbeing as the most important one.

This initiative is supported by Kosovo Women’s Fund (KWF) of Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) and financed by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA).